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Saturday, November 1, 2014

I still refuse to believe it.

I still refuse to believe it and even three years later; Amy Winehouse's death.

It was a shock literally.
Its not a secret and everybody knew how much I loved her.

The way I learned the bad news.

- I was at work and at 4 pm 02 to be exact, my friend Stephen who lives in Texas sent me a text message and asked me if I heard what happened to her.
I was not able to read the message at first because, my phone was on vibrate, I was doing my duties and I was talking to customers. Then one hour later, he called me (At this time I didn't open the message yet) and asked me if I was okay.. I responded to him yes, that I was okay, at work presently and that I couldn't stay on the phone due to my duties. I hung up with him then I went to my text messaging to open the message.
I couldn't believe it. He wrote to me: Frankie, did you heard about Amy Winehouse?
I don't know why but I started to feel that something was wrong and I tried to understand why he was insisting to know if I was okae. I went quickly to the restroom, I opened my phone and googled Amy Winehouse. And there the shock. The shock. I didn't even finished to type her name that I read ''Amy Winehouse's death.''
I was shaking and impossible to breathe normally. I ran into the store and past into the customers and went to see a friend of mine and told her... Omg Amy is died. She was like what? I repeated. Amy Winehouse is died.
She said Frankie: It's a bad joke right? I said No... While I was talking to her, she saw me  how I was shaking and about to fall.

2 minutes after that I talked to her, I don't even know what happened. I just know that I sent a text message back my friend Stephen and that I went to hide myself in the restroom and I cried.
My mommy called me because she was worried about myself. She tried to make me feel better but unfortunately at that moment she couldn't.

I found very nice that all my friends in school here and in France sent me messages and that they wanted to know how i was feeling after the bad news.

I still feel sad but I know that everything is okay. I know she's in heaven and that her heart is in peace now.

R.I.P Amy Winehouse. September 14 - 1983 / July 23 2011

I 'll always love you.

- Frankie Youje -

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