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Saturday, November 1, 2014


What is love?
What is really the meaning of love?
Anybody can give his own definition but the whole question about love is complex and more complicated than that.

Love for God
Love for his parents
Love for his partner - boyfriend - girlfriend
Love for his family
Love for his friends
Love, Love and Love again... so many kind of Love.

- I always had and I have a good relationship with God since I was a kid.
I went to private schools and in 9th grade, I received the baptism.

- I don't really have any memories about my younger childhood and everything has always been a blackout in my mind. Growing up, I heard so many different versions about it.
Mommy was living in France and dad in Germany.
At that period, I felt myself  kind of lonely and depressed because I was always left at home with nannies and domestic workers.

- Nothing hurts so much that when you are truly in love with someone and that you notice that things aren't the same.
For myself, if you want things to work out or built a real relationship, you have to be patient, you have to communicate; you have to be able to listen to your partner, able to make compromises etc. Simply be yourself and real at the end of the day.
If things still doesn't work out, just let it go, It wasn't just for you.

I can sound old fashioned for someone of my age but I am not the type of guy who likes to have sex just for the meaning of having sex. It's just not who I'm and I'm blessed to have both of my parents there for me and be able to talk to them about anything and everything.


I don't pretend to  be'' a special one'' but I'm true to myself and when I am in love, I am hundred percent faithful, loyal and committed. I am the most supportive person. the most attentive, the most caring and the most loving person towards my partner.

My weakness; sometimes I can be very clumsy and act as a fool.

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